Equity management for Australian

Ownership made easy.

Equityspace makes it easy to manage ownership and maintain compliance obligations of privately held companies and assets.


Manage and engage the stakeholders in your company and stay compliant.


Manage your portfolio of private investments and keep up to date with important activities.


Track and manage your employee options and access your option plan documentation.


Help your clients manage their corporate register, raise capital and stay compliant.

Manage ownership across entities

Whether you are a company director, advising clients or investing in startups, Equityspace is your one source of truth for the ownership across your private entities.

View everything from share issues to annual ASIC reviews.

Keep everyone up to date

See all your key information in one place with the entity dashboard. Track ownership, compliance and people so you know where your company register is at.

Issue securities with ease

Issue shares and options to investors and employees. Upload subscription agreements and collect signatures in minutes. All with processes that help you get it right the first time.

Manage your personal portfolio

Track your holdings of shares and options in private companies. Keep all your investment, transaction and tax documentation securely in one place.